The Daily Reflector: Public defenders ensure accused don’t stand alone

This is an extremely informative article that addresses common misconceptions of what a “public defender” is.

“The public defender has 3,394 pending cases, and an additional 2,603 cases have private attorneys appointed by the court from outside the public defender’s office, Kemp said. Each defender works about 100 cases at a time, he said.

“We’ve found, through trial and error, that about 100 cases is a manageable number, but a lot depends on the cases,” Kemp said. “Seven murder cases is like handling 50 to 100 smaller cases. But we don’t like to measure and weigh cases that way, asking what one case is worth against another.”

«Public defenders ensure accused don’t stand alone


The Herald Sun: A moral debt to innocent, former death row inmates

Stephen Dear of PFADP

Stephen Dear of People of Faith Against the Death Penalty in Carrboro believes we are obligated to compensate the people we incorrectly condemned to die, and if this is too expensive then we must repeal the death penalty.

In his guest-column for The Herald Sun he discusses our “moral debt” to the exonerees, as well as how the innocent are often exonerated in spite of the system and not because of it.

A recommended read: