Star News: Marge Ciardella – The true cost of capital punishment

This editorial is an in depth look into the  many costs tax payers, defense attorneys and prosecutors face throughout often long and drawn out North Carolina capital cases.

In a 2009 study by Duke University Professor Phil Cook, the data presented shows that the state could save $11 million annually by repealing the death penalty. Prosecution and court costs are not included in this number. Arguably, that number would double had the prosecutor’s costs, including in-kind costs, been included.

Editorial available here: Marge Ciardella – The true cost of capital punishment.

The full cost of a capital case can be shown only if all costs incurred by both the defense and the prosecution including the prosecution’s in-kind costs, are included in the discussion. Then the public will know the total costs incurred by the prosecutor’s choice in seeking the death penalty, a choice that rarely results in a death sentence.


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