DA: Death penalty cases held up by Racial Justice Law

Here is another article where our mighty district attornies are complaining about laws they are chartered to follow being “quite the burden on my office and a drain on the resources.”

Sir or m’am, seeking the death penalty in the first place, places quite the burden on your office; as well as our state budget.

Seeking the death sentence as a punishment invovles embarking on a unique trial where the defendant is tried and if convicted, sentenced in an entirely separate costly trial.  Surely one more motion to consider, one of such importance as continuously demonstrated racial bias in our courts, will hardly be any more of a burden on an already cumbersome path to justice?  Besides, if you are to use the death penalty as a tool that is “solid and something prosecutors should have in their tool belt,” it must be sharp and in accordance with North Carolina law.

Article here:  DA: Death penalty cases held up by Racial Justice Law. 


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