Repeal the Death Penalty, Not the Racial Justice Act

The Racial Justice Act is a historic piece of legislation enacted to eliminate racial discrimination from North Carolina’s execution chamber. Studies prove conclusively that racial bias plays a role in law enforcement, witness identification, jury selection and other aspects of the state’s capital punishment system. The race of the victim as well as the accused plays a role in the imposition of the death penalty in North Carolina. Repealing the Racial Justice Act would be a travesty of law and justice.

North Carolina’s criminal justice resources should be devoted to the prevention, investigation, prosecution of violent crime, to the incapacitation of violent criminals. Two officers should be in every police car. Crime victims should be given the care and compensation they need. The death penalty does not deter crime or provide closure; to the contrary, it steals time and resources that should be devoted to public safety.

Innocent people have lost their freedom and even their lives, and violent criminals have gone free because of corruption and incompetence in the criminal justice system. The system is far too flawed to administer the ultimate punishment. Moreover, North Carolina could save a fortune by simply repealing the death penalty.

-Alex Cury, member of WNCDPR



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