Chapel Hill News: Opinion: Death penalty moratorium is not enough

Guest columnist, Frank R. Baumgartner

“In light of revelations that the State Bureau of Investigation offered false or misleading evidence in hundreds of cases, a moratorium isn’t enough. All 159 of North Carolina’s death row inmates should have their sentences commuted to life in prison without parole.

It’s the only solution that makes sense in the wake of a scandal so messy it may never be fully sorted out. It also would save North Carolina millions of dollars that could go to schools, social services — or cleaning up the SBI’s crime lab.

A moratorium won’t change that. A study this year found that, even though North Carolina has not executed a prisoner since 2006, the death penalty costs the state $11 million a year. Analyzing the role of the crime lab in each of these cases will likely add tens of millions of dollars to this cost, and few people currently on death row will ever be executed.

Even if we don’t care about money, we should care about the truth.”

Full article here: Death penalty moratorium is not enough


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