Record&Landmark: Jury selection forum delves into process

A forum on the jury selction process was held last Thursday in Statesville.  This is an article that addresses the main issues in the jury selection process and interviews members of the forum.

“However, he said, the selection process is where the statistics change. No African-American jurors were selected.

McCall said the forum was designed to address those disparities and provide an opportunity to discuss the selection process.

Participating in the forum were Judge Chris Collier, District Attorney Sarah Kirkman, Assistant District Attorney Mikko Red Arrow, defense attorney Mark Rabil, Clerk of Court Rena Turner and Shirley Hayden, who serves on the jury commission.

Hayden and Turner explained how jury lists are compiled. Turner said the lists come from voter registration and driver’s licenses.

She stressed that no one in the initial process knows anything about prospective jurors other than name, date of birth and mailing address.

From a master list, summons are sent out, and generally several will call in, seeking to be excused from jury service for a particular time or because they do not meet the qualifications, such as being a resident of Iredell County, at least 18, a felony conviction in which citizenship rights have not been restored or unable to read and understand the English language.”

«Jury selection forum delves into process


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