Debate on erasing the death penalty in N.C. continues

“With several legal questions surrounding the state’s execution methods still fresh in people’s minds, some questions are being raised as to whether or not the Death Penalty is still appropriate for North Carolina. Yet another contention arose this week as appeals poured in this week from death row inmates saying they don’t deserve to be executed because of the Racial Justice Act. This left experts asking if this will cause another delay in carrying out death row sentences.

As of next Wednesday, it will be four years since the state has executed anyone. In that time, there have been multiple legal challenges to the state’s executions. First from the Medical Board, who was concerned about doctors being present at executions, because they took an oath not to kill. That was defeated. Then two questions are still in the court system about the actual type of execution. One case surrounds whether lethal injection is cruel and unusual, and the other asks if the state followed the proper procedures to determine the type of execution used.”

Video in the link

«Debate on erasing the death penalty in N.C. continues


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