Star News: Death row pair to get new chance

After years of appeals and new evidence brought to trial two North Carolina death row inmates are no longer on death row.  Instead, Kyle Berry and Jamey Cheek are receiving life sentences for their respected first-degree murders.  Failure to disclose all information to the juries that could have altered their determination of death were the factors behind the re-sentencing.

In the article Wilmington attorney Helen Hinn, who represents Cheek, is highly outspoken against the death penalty.  She claims that  “If they had given them life in prison, there wouldn’t be these years of appeals.”  She then goes on to state that future juries will hesitate in declaring capital punishment for a defendant because of the likelihood it will be overturned.  Without the death penalty years of appeals that clog up court dockets can be avoided.

“I’m very opposed to the death penalty. It serves no purpose. It’s not a deterrent. Nobody who commits a murder is going to stand there and say … ‘I might get the death penalty, therefore I won’t shoot him.’ The state should do away with it entirely.” -Wilmington attorney Helen Hinn

Further information available in the article…

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