Illinois death penalty moratorium in the news

A federal jury on Monday found a former Chicago police commander guilty of lying under oath about the abuse and torture of criminal suspects.

The jury deliberated over parts of three days before finding former Chicago police Lt. Jon Burge guilty of perjury and obstruction of justice.

Burge, who did not react as the verdict was read, can remain free on bond until his Nov. 5 sentencing, when he faces up to 45 years in prison. Attorney Flint Taylor, who represented some of the torture victims, hugged people around him.

Former Illinois Gov. George Ryan released four condemned men from death row in 2003 after Ryan said Burge had extracted confessions from them using torture. The four later reached a $20 million settlement with the city.

The allegations of torture and coerced confessions eventually led to a still-standing moratorium on Illinois’ death penalty and the emptying of death row



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  1. bothwellsblog says:

    hmm, worked for me just now, though it did do a “preview pop-up” first

  2. wncdpr says:

    Cecil, great article but I don’t think your link is working.

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