The Daily Reflector: Group, Pastors talk death penalty

John Comer of PFADP

People of Faith Against the Death Penalty (PFADP) hosted a bruncheon for clergymen of Pitt and Greenville county in the hopes of strengthening pastors’ understanding of the death penalty.  As “centerpieces of the community” they must “act with guidance on how people should respond to executions that the state conducts on their behalf.”  John Comer of PFADP brought two death row exonerates along to “underscore the sense of urgency that discussion of the death penalty carries.”  Randal Padgett of Alabama and Shabaka WaQlimi of Florida (who came within 15 hours of execution) brought a physical, and human element to the days event, sharing their experiences with life in prison and the judicial system.

Further information available in the article…

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